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ZYTLYN Technologies raises $2.5 million to help travel companies make smarter decisions

GENEVA, Switzerland - June 10, 2021: ZYTLYN Technologies AG announced today that it has secured $2.5 million in funding to accelerate growth. ZYTLYN’s data and prediction platform is fed with a wide range of real time big data feeds through its data partners, making it one of the world’s largest big data players in travel. Its platform processes and transforms the various disparate signals, and uses machine learning models to generate real time actionable predictive insights, giving customers the ability to optimize critical decisions for analysts, managers, executives, as well as automated workflows.

Contrary to other solutions, the data analytics and AI startup does this without its clients having to replace their existing systems, while already working with leading airlines, travel agencies and airports, offering a new generation of contextual prediction of demand, prices, revenues, and sales. Most recently signing one of the biggest global aviation players.

The travel sector is ideally positioned to benefit from ZYTLYN’s predictive insights, technology and platform. Not only was the industry hit hard by the pandemic, but travel offers a complex landscape, incredible permutations and massive fragmentation. By capturing every possible signal, using machine learning to find patterns and correlations in real-time, we provide airlines, travel agencies, airports and hotels, with rich predictive insights about granular consumer, competitor and market behaviors. We are thrilled to have secured funding that will help us accelerate our growth, and proud of the team we have built.” said ZYTLYN’s Co-Founder & CEO, Houman Goudarzi.

ZYTLYN is backed by leading venture capital firms, Plug & Play Ventures, Century Oak, Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation (FONGIT), strategic angels such as Elyes Mrad (Managing Director, Certares), Julia Sattel (Former President, Amadeus), Niels Gron (Founder of AquaFold), and great support from the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC).

Out of the many big data analytics startups that we have come across, ZYTLYN stood out with their unique platform and technology. They are tackling predictive analytics during a time when it’s urgently needed, with an ambitious vision, going after big impact. With their team of industry experts, exceptional engineering and data science talent, we believe ZYTLYN will scale quickly and have a positive impact on the entire travel industry and beyond.” says Amir Amidi, Managing Partner at Plug and Play.

About ZYTLYN Technologies

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, ZYTLYN is a data analytics and AI company, helping customers address their most urgent problems and opportunities with granular, qualified, and actionable data, predictions and insights. Its platform gives customers the ability to optimize critical decision making through predictive insights. Together with customers, ZYTLYN is helping the world’s largest industries adapt, recover and grow faster, with a total addressable market of close to $50 billion. Contact us for more information.