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Game-Changing ZYTLYN Demand Forecast

World's largest travel brands are leveraging ZYTLYN Predictions Platform, to know Where and When travellers want to go. When they want to book. Their willingness to pay. And the response of the market to all of these.

Our Predictions Platform leverages near real-time global travel transactions and contextual signals feeding into our proprietary Machine Learning platform, deployed on the most powerful cloud machines, all to prove a point: Nothing is Random!


REAL-TIME Leading Signals

Signals range from air travel demand, search engine demand, macro and micro economics, to events, news, social media, reviews, COVID stats, and travel restrictions.

Real-time data mining

All time series signals are decomposed and analyzed to determine every possible correlation between the various disparate data types.

Calibration with Lagging data

Leading signals are aggregated, and calibrated with lagging data with many years of highly granular transactional records.

Clean, Structure, Enrich

Signals are cleaned, deduped, normalized, structured, gaps and errors analyzed and resolved. All signals are further enriched with sub attributes and metadata needed for further analysis.

White box data & Algorithms

ZYTLYN works on the basis of transparency and trust. All ZYTLYN models, data, and predictions are openly available, broken down to atomic level to provide flexibility and choice.

micro API services

All results are made available through our micro API services, giving users open, granular access, and flexibility in deployment, whether in the analytics workbench or integrated.

Actionable micro analytics

Most predictive analytics methods are constrained by their historical training data, limiting the accuracy and reliability. With ZYTLYN, you tap into a wide range of external data boosting predictions. ZYTLYN prediction as-a-Service offers an easy way to leverage predictions while staying in control.


The ability to predict commercial outcomes is critical with great impact on top and bottom-line. ZYTLYN offers this ability in a white-box product, while leaving customers in control of digital assets and capabilities.

ZYTLYN offers a catalogue of detailed and time specific predictions with great positive impact on commercial, operational and tactical planning. Most companies rely on expert intuition and past performance, we augment those capabilities with data driven insights.

Augmenting analysts & systems

We strongly believe in augmenting the capabilities of our customers, rather than trying to replace it. We augment revenue management, continuous pricing, dynamic and personalized offers, to name a few, by being laser focused on giving our customers access to a constantly growing range of external data and predictive insights in a fast, simple and reliable manner.

ZYTLYN knows what consumers are thinking, when, where, and what they search, and their willingness to pay. These insights are critical to optimize marketing and advertising, maximizing the right traffic hand in hand with high conversion rates and the lowest possible cost of acquisition.

Our API: Designed for flexibility & integration

ZYTLYN's assets are directly available through a simple and standard API that acts as a gateway to all our data and predictive insights. It's geared towards seamless integration with your data science workbench, your existing systems, or 3rd parties, e.g. schedules, network, revenue management, pricing systems.